What’s ExhiAsAp

Exhibitors Assistant Application

ExhiAsAp is an “Exhibitors Assistant Application” primarily built for use by Exhibitors participating in Exhibitions.


An Android based mobile application that will help the participating exhibitors to capture the visitors card in a digital format rather than the more mundane fashion of collecting visiting cards.


ExhiAsAp is here to replace such classical and Rudimentary processes of collecting cards into a Digital format using ones smart phone device, besides rendering the ability to also send out a Thank You email to his corporate email ID, ensuring that you are on his mind even after he has left the stall.


Key Advantages of ExhiAsAp

  • Replaces the collection of visiting cards which later becomes junk and Expedites the Detailed Data collection of the visitor at the stall in digital form
  • Renders data card collection redundant process thus forestalling the need to store physical cards
  • Helps save time after the exhibition by enabling the user to stay in touch with the walk-in customer via email
  • Establish an immediate connection with the walk-in visitor via Thank You SMS and Emails
  • Send your company profile and Product brochures along with the email even before the visitor has left the stall
  • Saves the after exhibition time of the employees such as - filtering the visitor cards, calling up visitors
  • Priority wise reports (since there is a field called Priority) which will show the Number of High to Low priority type visitors
ExhiAsap on playstore ExhiAsap on playstore