Privacy Policy

We, ExhiAsAp, esteem the confidentiality and the protection of our customer’s data as very important.

We collect and use customer’s data in accordance with the relevant provisions of Indian data protection laws.

Our Privacy Policy states which customer data we collect and what we use it for. If you have any queries or doubts related to data protection, kindly contact us by email at

Data Collection and It’s Uses

Automated Data Collection

When you access to our website, your internet browser automatically transfers data for technical reasons. Below mentioned are the data stored separately from other data that you might have sent us:

  Internet browser type and version

  Date and time of access

  Extent of data transfer

  URL of the web sites visited previously

  Operating system being used

For procedural reasons above data are stored but are not given to any identifiable person at any time.

Data Entered by Users

ExhiAsAp can be used after registering. ExhiAsAp can only be used on certain devices such as an iPhone, iPod, iPad, Windows, Mac or Android and without any extra functionalities. For this, we ask user to enter their valid email address and other details required for registration. We need these data in order to make sure that users are able to make full use of our entire website. We need these data in order to respond to your questions or queries or any help, if required.

The prime use of ExhiAsAp application is to capture / enter visitor data and send company details instantaneously via email and SMS to the visitor at an exhibition or an event. Customer can use the application online.

We capture customer’s data in order to enable safe, user-related and effective use of ExhiAsAp, which includes following:

  Scanning or capturing visitor data

  Accessing the product list & attachments

  Saving the connected optional audio file & photograph

  Recommending ExhiAsAp by using the "Invite" function for friends and acquaintances (email address).


ExhiAsAp stores "cookies" in order to be able to provide user a wide range range of functionalities and to make it simple to use our website. "Cookies" are small files which are stored on user’s computer with the help of the internet browser. If the user does not want to use "cookies", the same can be prevented from being stored on user’s computer using the corresponding settings on the internet browser. Kindly note that doing this may restrict the functional capability and the functions of ExhiAsAp.

Data Transfer

We are committed to inform you that data collected will not be transferred to third parties without letting user know in advance or asking for their prior permission. However, data may be transferred to third parties without informing you separately in advance under following circumstances as explained below:

  In case of investigating the illegal use of ExhiAsAp or for any legal matters, all relevant data will be transferred to the criminal investigation authorities and, if appropriate, to injured third parties. However, we will only do this under the concrete indications of illegal and/or abusive or offensive behaviour. We can only transfer user’s personal data if this is used to enforce General Terms and Conditions of Business or other agreements or otherwise. We are also legally obliged to give certain public authorities information. These are criminal investigation authorities, public authorities which prosecute administrative offences entailing fines.

  Intermittently we depend on contractually associated external companies and service providers to source services such as the supply of advertising measures (only if users have given exclusive prior consent), processing payments (online payment portals, credit card, debit card etc.), storing data and consumer service. In such cases, information is transferred to these associates or companies or individuals enabling them to process these information further. We are very particular and cautiously select these external service providers and review them regularly to make sure that user’s privacy is intact. The service providers will use the data for purpose stipulated by us. We also contractually want the service providers and associates to treat your data solely according to this Privacy Policy and the Indian data protection laws.

Analysis of ExhiAsAp

Statistical Data

When ExhiAsAp is used by the user, statistical data is collected which can be traced to you. Please note that we use this to improve ExhiAsAp.

Deleting Your Data

On selecting the export & delete function, data will be downloaded by you once this action is completed, all your data will be deleted & unavailable for retrieval in the future

Amendments to this Privacy Policy

ExhiAsAp reserves the right to amend this Privacy Policy.

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